The Cognitive Finance Paper
November 2016
The modern alchemy for business growth

Clara Durodié discusses the forces changing the business model in wealth and asset management. This article also outlines how artificial intelligence may solve some operational challenges in the sector. Read here 

Shiny new toys. Does Wealth Management Need A.I. ?

Greg Davies examines the allure of adopting artificial intelligence as a solution for a range of business problems, and in this context, the need to appropriately engineer solutions to problems. Use of AI tools and techniques should be suitable to the problem at hand. Read here

Differences in modern artificial intelligence systems
Michael Stewart discusses various types of AI systems, and the limitations of "right-brain" types of systems. Michael discusses Cyc and the decades of learning that have built the breadth of knowledge in the system. Read here
IMANDRA: Formal Verification for Financial Algorithms

Denis Ignatovich and Grant Passmore introduce  formal verification of algorithms and the importance of this in markets that increasingly rely on and that have now become a tangle of algorithms. Imandra is a tool that can be used to formally verify the output of complex systems and which can therefore help satisfy regulatory requirements. Read here

Cognitive Finance Group

We are the trusted advisor to financial services Boards and senior management to selecting and implementing A.I. systems. We are also setting up an A.I. investment fund for professional investors like pension funds, family offices, university endowments and charitable foundations. Read here 

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