Cognitive Finance Paper
Spring edition, April 2017


This edition covers Insurance, Ethics, and Boards. In the Welcome section, we share with you what we have achieved since the beginning of 2017 and list a summary of the topics we cover in this current issue. Read here

Boards and artificial intelligence: a strategic alliance

Clara Durodié discusses the typology of leadership on Boards as A.I. is becoming a catalyst for change in financial services. Read here

Industry insight: insurance 

Francesco Corea makes a brief introduction to what A.I. is in insurance sector. Read here

What you are too afraid to ask about AI in insurance

Francesco Corea examines the adoption of artificial intelligence insurance sector and looks at companies which have developed solutions to address typical problems. Read here

Ethics and artificial intelligence: the new 'green'
Kay Firth-Butterfield outlines the imperative of espousing responsible development and use of this A.I. technology in order to avoid the short term negative effects could outweigh the benefits and may have profound effects on the institutions we hold dear. Read here
Removing class bias in algorithms?

Professor Alison Liu analysis how algorithms could pick up class, gender, race in order to make decisions. Read here

Companies we follow: QuanTemplate 

QuanTemplate was created with one goal in mind: to build one complete user-friendly solution for high-performance data management through artificial intelligence and integrated analytics tools. Read here

About us: Cognitive Finance Group

We are the trusted advisers to CEOs and Boards for selecting and implementing A.I. systems. We are also setting up an A.I. investments fund for professional investors like pension funds, family offices, university endowments and charitable foundations. Read here

Cognitive Finance Group
our speaking engagements & Boards in Q1 2017

Our public profile is gaining recognition not only amongst financials services firms but also amongst industry events organisers and media channels. We usually engage in public discussions on A.I. in financial services and in public policy and A.I. ethics. Naturally, we make regular contributions to the Data Science community, with a focus on applied solutions in financial services. Read here

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