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Cognitive Finance

Artificial Intelligence Summit 

The Cognitive Finance AI Summit is an annual private gathering designed to foster discussion on the adoption of artificial intelligence in financial services.


This is an invitation-only gathering. Every year, between 30-50 leaders and experts from banking, asset management, private wealth management, insurance, academia as well as artificial intelligence leaders and executives of artificial intelligence companies attend the Summit.  


The Summit is a platform for informal discussions about major issues facing the financial services sector primarily business structure influenced by the adoption of artificial intelligence. The Summit is held under the Chatham House Rule. In other words, participants strictly adhere to maintaining anonymity of the speaker(s). This means that neither the identity, affiliation of the speaker(s) nor any other participant may be revealed.


This is a private event. This enables a safe environment for discussion, therefore the participants are not bound by the restrictions of their jobs and affiliation. As such, business leaders can take time to listen, reflect, test ideas and collect insights. The only objective is to empower the leaders of financial services with the knowledge of navigating the adoption of AI.

After each Summit, Cognitive Finance Group issues a press release which identifies the topics discussed. 

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