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  • the go-to reference on what to do about AI
  • extraordinary resource that will be a landmark publication
  • pure actionable insights
  • demystifies the jargon
  • comprehensively covers the subject from both a technical level to strategic issues
  • thought-provoking and a useful guide for firms
  • complete and structured to help board directors get to the root of any contemporary AI challenge

  • single resource for the board and for executive management

  • remarkable book and documentary on artificial intelligence

  • insightful and timely

  • a masterful job of explaining AI in simple terms


The profits from selling this book are donated to charitable causes. For instance, each copy pays for planting and caring for one tree with Woodland Trust, UK. This is why we encourage our readers to purchase the book off this site and not other e-commerce platforms. 


In praise for this book:

"I started reading this book with trepidation. There is so much hype around AI, so many fears, so much money spent, so little understanding of what it is and how to best approach it. So how could one book do it justice and how could it take a neophyte from nothing to an understanding of what questions a Board should be asking? Well it does!

Clara has written a book that demystifies the jargon, while comprehensively covering the subject from both a technical level to strategic issues. Unlike most practitioners, Clara balances the practical application of AI with a good understanding of the ethics involved, bringing into stark reality what can happen if we go AI mad without considering the consequences.

There is a wealth of information and reference to further reading material for everyone from the new Chief Digital Officer to all the C-suite and the Board. I particularly like the plentiful use of current examples around the world of who is utilizing the different forms of AI and in what applications.”

John Meinhold, Independent Advisor and Financial Institutions Board Member


This is a book I would’ve liked to have written about artificial intelligence. I have seen the need for a number of years now to take the often mystifying and misconceived subject of artificial intelligence, and put together a comprehensive and comprehensible form for the senior businessperson who seeks to be able to deal effectively with this disruptive set of technologies. With "Decoding AI in Fianncial Services", Clara Durodie has condensed fifty years of progress, and decades of futurecasting, into a single resource for the board and for executive management, the go-to reference on what to do about AI.

David Shrier, University of Oxford & MIT Futurist, Director of Fintech and Blockchain courses


Accessible and easy to read, it explains in just enough detail how AI is transforming the financial services sector. Highly recommended for senior executives.

Ardi Kolah, Executive Fellow, Henley Business School, UK

Decoding AI in Financial Services

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