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About us: Cognitive Finance Group

COGNITIVE FINANCE GROUP is an advisory & investment company specialised in artificial intelligence.

We are leading experts in artificial intelligence. CEOs, Chairmen and C-suite members come to us when then need the long-range support in order to adopt artificial intelligence. We help executives unlock business growth and build powerful strategic A.I. capabilities.


ADVISORY services for financial services firms

Cognitive Finance Advisory partners to deliver strategic change. We strive to be the trusted adviser to financial services’ Boards and senior management for selecting and implementing A.I. systems in their businesses.

Our team draws on years of experience driving technology change in blue-chip financial institutions. We apply this depth of experience in delivering strategic programmes for the adoption of A.I.

We have deep knowledge of the A.I. systems vendors. We remain impartial and will always recommend the most suitable A.I. system.

In addition to the A.I. industry and regulatory knowledge, we leverage a network of smart and experienced consultants to help prepare for and implement A.I. in your organisation.

We deliver:

  1. short & focused strategic analysis of business problems, examining how A.I. can be used to address concrete issues faced by your organisation

  2. structured programmes or work with your teams to design change programmes for the adoption of A.I.

  3. implementation of A.I. focused programmes and projects



INVESTMENTS services for professional investors

Cognitive Finance Investments is an institutional grade investment platform focused on A.I. companies. In order to access the next generation of business growth, we are currently developing a unique investment proposition to serve institutional investors

  • pension funds

  • university endowment funds

  • charitable foundations

  • family offices

  • investment funds and trusts


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