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Cognitive Finance Group update 2017 Q1

2017 has started with good news for Cognitive Finance Group.

Our Partnership has grown to six Partners and we have increased further our Advisory Board.


We have also made substantial progress with our CF Investments practice. We have strengthened our investment management team and will launch our A.I. investments fund to a number of select investors.

Therefore, we will focus to serve our advisory clients and fund investors, reinforcing our deep sector knowledge across:

• CF Advisory: strategic A.I. advisory & implementation for financial services clients

• CF Investments: investment management specialised in A.I. technology

It is with great pleasure to announce two further distinguished members to our Strategic Board: Ryan Thomas and Steve Ardire. Steve needs no introduction. He’s well known and well respected in the A.I. community with long list of successful exits attached to his name, he is based in Washington DC. Ryan is a former Google and U.S. Airforce and is based in Silicon Valley, California.


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