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Commercial adoption of A.I.

The New Artificial Intelligence Market

A Data-Driven Analysis of Industries and Companies Adopting AI

By Aman Naimat

Publisher: O'Reilly

Released: August 2016

As with other technologies introduced in the past decade, artificial intelligence is the subject of many market predictions. But what exactly is current commercial adoption of AI beyond academic labs? In this ten-page report, Spiderbook cofounder Aman Naimat provides the results of a data-driven analysis into the U.S. industries and companies using or building AI products right now.

Although some so-called AI applications aren’t actually cognitive, there are technologies capable of achieving human- or superhuman-level intelligence on given tasks. Naimat and his team canvassed nearly 500,000 companies and used Spiderbook’s graph-based machine-learning model to read the business Internet and classify businesses into different levels of AI maturity.

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