Decoding AI in Financial Services: Video Book Reviews

As an author, I welcome all reader feedback but it is especially fulfilling to hear that some of my readers use my book as a reference, in their daily work.

I am fortunate to have received so many great 'thank you' notes from corporate directors to industry practitioners, including by video. 🎬 I'm sharing a sample below 📘 My book has now found new homes on all continents and thanks to your help, a new tree is planted for every copy sold.

👉🏻 If you would like to purchase a signed copy see this link

👉🏻 The book is also available on Top 10% in "Education in Engineering and Technology" section.

With Dara Chevlin Tarkowski, Andrea Bonime-Blanc, Dat Nguyen, Ardi Kolah LL.M, CIPP/E, CIPM, FIP

#AI #TrustedAI #MachineLearning #BoardOfDirectors

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